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    Glycal Forte® is a unique product manufactured by Bio-Energy Ingredients Ltd.

    about bio-energy ingredients

    Bio-Energy Ingredients Ltd (BEI), was formed in 2008 with a remit to harness the feed energy of glycerol in a convenient form. Glycerol, a viscous liquid, had been used as an energy drench for cows and sheep, but was time-consuming and difficult to use and gave inconsistent results. It was increasingly available as a by-product of biodiesel manufacture.

    A novel process was developed and patented to produce a free-flowing powder, which not only delivers bypass glycerol but also improves rumen function by optimising rumen pH and increasing microbial biomass. Initial on-farm studies and farm trials demonstrated the beneficial effects of Glycal Forte® on transition cows.

    BEI continues research into new and innovative products and has now launched Glycal Forte® through its evidence-based veterinary service. We prove the need with your cows, on your farm, today, by working closely with your farm vet.

    How was Glycal Forte® Developed

    Glycerol is well known as an energy source for dairy cows, used mainly as prevention or treatment of ketosis. However, results have been inconsistent; also, liquid glycerol is very viscous, which makes handling and feeding it challenging. Growth of biodiesel manufacture globally has resulted in increased availability of glycerol.

    Bio-Energy Ingredients set out to make glycerol easier to handle, store, transport and mix with feed and protect it from rumen fermentation. BEI developed and patented an exothermic process technology of rapid reaction of glycerol, a viscous liquid, with a source of calcium to form a free-flowing powder – Glycal Forte® was born.

    Meet the team

    Ken Fallows

    Commercial Manager UK & Ireland

    Cora Ford


    Connor Smith

    Ruminant Technical Support Manager

    Peter Duckworth


    Jeffrey Allen

    Manufacturing and Logistics Consultant

    Clifford Adams

    Regulatory Consultant

    Abraham Venter

    Consultant Technical Director