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    Glycal Forte® is a nutricine fed as a powder at 250g/cow day. Glycal Forte® has four modes of action to improve the health of transition cows through improved nutrition:

    • Improves rumen function by optimising rumen pH, which leads to increased intakes and more efficient feed digestion.
    • Increases microbial biomass whether rumen pH is low or optimal.
    • Provides bio-available calcium at a time when many cows are deficient.
    • Supplies rumen-protected glycerol and so is used more effectively than unprotected, liquid glycerol.

    This Dynamic Metabolic Management System improves herd health, welfare and productivity. We work closely with your farm vet to monitor herd health and energy status (supported by using BHB blood tests).

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    Identify suitable farms

    Transition cow management affects disease incidence, yield and fertility in the following lactation. Farmer and vet identify farms with potential to make improvements in these areas.

    Blood sample

    Select cows 5-20 days after calving and blood sample for BHB to assess herd energy balance. Collect disease and performance data.

    Discuss results

    Farmer and vet review results, and use them to decide the course of action, including which groups of cows will benefit from the inclusion of Glycal Forte®.

    Feed Glycal Forte® to cows

    Order product and start feeding Glycal Forte® in mixer wagon at recommended dose. Feed groups as agreed with farm advisors.

    Monitor herd

    After fresh cows have been on Glycal Forte® for 3-4 weeks, repeat BHB blood samples and data capture to check progress. Re-order product as necessary.

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